Through an investigation of biological and ideological life cycles I have cultivated a preoccupation with documenting birth and death. Driven by the notion that each is not a discernible moment but a process, I seek to capture instances where the end of a life is connected to the beginning of another. My latest body of work "Land For Sale by Owner: The Romance of the Exurbs" is a series of paintings, photographs, and sculpture which explore this cycle by responding to land development in Northern Virginia. Witnessing the transition of wild and agricultural land into low density housing provides the unique opportunity to examine the simultaneous destruction of natural habitat and emergence of human communities in this region. 

I am afraid to die but equally afraid of living in denial of my mortality. The subject matter of my work focuses on confronting these fears by examining the end of life. Identifying the exact “time of death”, however hypothetical, is a kind of paranoid reassurance that I, and the contemporary society in which I am a part, will one day cease to exist. My obsession with collecting evidence indicating a passage of time serves as a reminder that the world will continue on. 

My work regards the absurdity of permanence in the natural world.