My paintings and drawings examine the tension between internal and external desire through figurative representation of psychic narrative. Inspired by dreams, subconscious thought, and fiction storytelling the content of my work often explores aversion to discomfort, attraction to pleasure, and cultural associations between naturalness and morality. 

I consider “Nature” a non-gendered, unbiased entity that has been imbued with varying social significances. The affiliation of nature with ‘good’ limits our understanding and definition of the natural world by excluding the instinctual, cruel, grotesque, kinky, and deadly. Similarly, our associations of fear, discomfort, and perverseness with 'bad' parts of nature reinforces the idea of taboo and creates a negative discourse around human behavior that is often categorized as unnatural, wrong, or queer. 

My most recent body of work is titled after and inspired by the Polish novel, Cosmos by Witold Gombrowicz, which tells the story of two neurotic protagonists who attempt to solve a mystery that only they can see. Their quest reads like an episode of paranoid schizophrenia. We follow their psychological efforts to draw lines of significance between various “clues”. Their attempts to connect external experiences are fueled entirely by their fluctuating emotional state and internal covetousness. This body of work explores feelings of obsession and mania, the sometimes gruesome physical manifestations of our desires, and the relationship between our own flesh and spirit.